Solid colour pocket nappies

Our pocket nappies are made of high quality waterproof PUL (outer layer). The inner layer is suedecloth. In order for a pocket nappy to be absorbent, it needs to be paired with inserts (Found here).

We recommend using at least 2 inserts per nappy change - 1 bamboo insert and 1 hemp insert. You can, however, use the combination that works best for you.

The inserts are placed inside the pocket, between the outer and inner layer.


-One size fits most (OSFM)

- About 4.5kg - 16kg

-Rise snaps adjust the height of the nappy

- Wing snaps adjust the waist size of the nappy


Wash care instructions:

- Rinse cycle in your machine or hand rinse (It is important that you put your nappies through a spin cycle to get rid or all urine water after rinsing)

- Wash on long cycle (fuzzy / cotton) with the quantity of detergent recommended for a heavily soiled wash

- Post wash rinse and spin

- We recommend that you do not dry your pockets in direct sun as this can cause damage to the PUL fabric over time. Inserts can be dried in the sun or tumble dried on low heat. Do not tumble dry pockets

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