Gift Registry

We offer a gift registry service whereby you can ask friends and family to purchase items on your wish list.

How does it work?

Place all items on your wishlist into your cart, take a screenshot of your cart and send it to Lauren on 0836774813.

You will the be asked to provide some information in order for your registry to be set up.

You give us the date by which the items need to be delivered, delivery address and contact details, and name and number of the person who will be paying the delivery fee. We charge one delivery fee and send all items in one package, to reach you by your stipulated delivery date.

We will then set up your registry and send you the link to send to your family and friends. When they click on the link, they will be given instructions on how to order.

Your items will not be reserved until paid for. Once an item has been ordered, or is out of stock, it will be removed from your registry so that you do not receive duplicate items.

You may add or remove items from your registry at any time.