Skinny flat 70x70cm Olive green

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Our ba-donk-a-donks cotton fleece skinny flats are highly absorbent and are likely to become your favourite nappy type!

For day time:

use one flat, paired with a cover an boosted with either a hemp or bamboo pure insert if necessary. You can either use one of our PUL covers or use a pocket nappy as a cover, minus the inserts. Your flat can also be folded into the shape of an insert and used inside your pocket nappy. They dry considerably faster than a 4 layer insert.

For night time: 

fold 2 flats together an add one of our hemp inserts as a booster. Pair with one of our soft and luxurious bubble fleece covers. If you have a heavy wetter, we recommend our cotton fleece fitted nappy for night time use.

Inserts can be found here.

Our flats are available in 3 colours: White, black and olive green

50x50cm and 60x60cm flats can be made on order